Knowledge Management Tools

A few weeks ago we have delved into what knowledge management means, especially in terms of personal knowledge management. This week we will be delving into what knowledge management can be utilised for. Organisational Learning, Business Intelligence, Information Management, Analytics and Big Data Before analysing the usefulness of these tools with real-life examples, I will […]

Personal Knowledge Management

PKM Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), is the process of assimilating information for their own gain using their acquired learning, experience and cognitive abilities. In particular, it is about personal self-enrichment or the betterment of an individual for their personal and/or work-life. Differences between PKM and KM There are a number of differences directed by Jarche […]

Knowledge Managament

Knowledge Management Koenig (2012), states in their article that the most common definition was created by Duhon in 1998. Essentially it involved the ‘process of capturing, distributing and effectively using knowledge.’ Although this definition is simplistic, it captures what the essence of knowledge management entails. Resource-based View and Knowledge-Based View As a further addition to […]

A Start to Knowledge

What is knowledge? Before going in depth into what knowledge is, we have been tasked to find, what is involved in the creation of it. Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom Data At the very core of information is data, or a collection of letters, numbers, symbols, pictures, and sounds. These are typically associated with facts or observations. […]

Spark New Zealand: Enter the Digital Age

  Spark New Zealand (2016), formerly known as Telecom New Zealand, was once a business-consumer orientated company, that focused on long-term contracts with few bells and whistles. This changed when they had chosen a new name and started a strategic shift towards ‘transforming for the ‘new digital age’ (Fletcher,2014).  I have chosen these to analyse the […]

Social Business Strategy

Social Media Strategy and Social Business Strategy Despite the similar sounding names, there is a distinction between social media strategy and social business strategy. Social media strategy is aimed towards fulfilling goals related to the use of social platforms and tools that are  for online communications. Meanwhile, a social business strategy is about using social […]

Community of Practice

What is a community of practice      “Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.” – Wenger-Trayner Essentially, a community of practice is a group who ‘meet up’ at regular intervals in order […]