Social media: Preconceived notions

A look into my personal musings on the world of social media

When I briefly looked into what our assignment entails I admittedly, briefly panicked. I am relatively computer savvy but a beacon of social media prowess I am not. I am what is commonly known as a lurker; I look through what manages to attract my attention but leave little trace that I have been there at all.

However, anyone with an inkling of online social activity is exposed to hundreds of attempts to, at least, peak your interest whether it is personal family photos or the attempts of a business to create a viral video. As a society though I believe it is harder than ever to create a successful social media campaign because of three main reasons;

  1.  We have become cynical in this multimedia age. No longer is the world gullible with people claiming less than honourable intentions and falsehoods
  2. Society has always been composed of a variety of different opinions and the Internet is the ideal platform for everyone to express them.
  3. Finally, a common person  already has too much to process within their comfort zone let alone outside their sphere of limited interests

Marketing and psychology are the huge key factors into what drives the actions of a social media campaign while information systems are the brain. In my mind, marketing and psychology delve into what a business or person intends to accomplish and why. Meanwhile, information systems help a person present their agenda and social media is a huge tool in that category in my eyes.

How important a tool I am sure, is what I and my fellow student will discover as we embark into the 157.240 paper provided by Massey University, more commonly known as Social Media for Business.


One thought on “Social media: Preconceived notions

  1. Interesting points you’ve put forward, especially those regarding Marketing and psychology. Sounds like you’re thinking about consumer behaviour and it’s implications on social media.

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